4 Red Flags to Avoid in a Limousine Service in NJ

April 4, 2016
white limousine

Luxury. Comfort. Safety. While many limousine companies still cater to VIPs, brides and grooms, and students attending their prom, a lot of companies have broadened their target audience by offering their services to ordinary people looking for an alternative mode of transportation for their diverse array of needs.

If you are looking for a limousine service in NJ, you will be confronted with a massive number of choices. However, if you want to get the most value for your money, it is important to set aside ample time and effort to do research on all potential companies to hire.

Listed here are some red flags that you should avoid in a limo company.

Limited options

A reputable limo company offers their customers the power of choice, from the different vehicles in their fleet to the availability of these.

If, after inquiring with a particular limo company, they tell you that they only have one or two vehicles available for rent, or if they cannot pick you up from your house at your intended departure time, you’ll fare better from looking at other limo companies.

Poor customer service

Part of making an informed choice in renting a limo is inquiring about the rates and available services. When you call the limo company and the lines seem to be busy, or if the other person at the end of the lime gives you vague answers, that’s one sign of a bad limo company.

The fleet is composed of old vehicles

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with renting a vintage car, more often than not, what you’ll need is a vehicle that is relatively new and well-maintained. After all, you do not want to be late for your appointment or miss your flight because the limo you are riding suddenly bogs down en route to your destination.

Lack of insurance/license

The appropriate insurance and license is what sets limos apart from other modes of transportation like cabs. These add a layer of security that you cannot get from other types of transportation. And if the limo company does not offer insurance or abide with the requirements set forth by the regulating bodies, you should look for another company.

It may seem inconvenient to do all the legwork involved in looking for a reputable limo company. However, this is a small price to pay if you want to enjoy your limo ride safely, conveniently and in total luxury.



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