5 Great Reasons to Take the Newark Airport Service

April 22, 2016
Chevorlet Limo

Going to or coming from Newark Airport? Most people would just take a cab(and there’s certainly nothing wrong with this). However, if you’re wishing for a more relaxed trip going to or coming from the airport, consider the EWR airport service.

This airport service is after your complete convenience. One of the most important things they promise is they will be right where you need them to be, when you need them. This means no waiting time for you, which is a great advantage if you’re really tired, in a hurry, or you have multiple bags or luggage with you.

Another advantage of using the EWR airport service is they know where you need to be taken. Some cab drivers feign ignorance about this to earn more. If you use the airport service, there’ll be no dilly-dallying or other delaying tactics. Just tell them where your gate is and they’ll know where to take you right away.

The third advantage of this option is if there are other things that you need to take care of, you can use the ride to or from the airport to cover these tasks. You get a knowledgeable chauffeur who won’t bother you with directions or mindless chatter. The ride will provide you the opportunity to make better use of your time, especially when you have a lot of responsibilities in your hands that you still need to take care of despite your travel arrangements.

A fourth advantage is if you’re really tired and in need of some shut-eye, you can just rest the entire trip. Just tell your chauffeur where you need to be dropped off, what time you need to be there and you can doze off. A half hour or so of rest will allow you to regain some energy so you can proceed with other activities after in a better physical condition.

And lastly, you get a better car — one that is well-maintained (no left-over rubbish from previous passengers) and that smells good. Most cabs these days reek of the driver’s snacks such that, most of the time, passengers emerge from the ride smelling like somebody’s lunch. An airport service holds much higher standards in maintaining the cleanliness of their vehicles; likewise, they have special protocols for their chauffeurs, such as no eating in the car — ever.

There you go — five reasons why the EWR airport service is a more convenient mode of transportation to or from Newark Airport. If it’s convenient travel you want, it definitely trumps taking a cab.



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