Choosing A Limo Service – NJ Tourists’ Guide To Limo Rentals

July 30, 2015

Sedan. Stretch. Super stretch. Limousines come in different sizes and features. But whether you go with the low-key luxury of a Lincoln Town Car or the bold decadence of an 18-passenger Cadillac Escalade, the point is you will be riding and arriving in style. So if you’ve just arranged a trip to the Garden State or the Big Apple, there is no other way to get around and explore both cities than in your preferred limousine.

But how do you find the ideal limo service NJ has to offer? How do you begin to look for the best one in the city? Should you base your decision solely on the limo service rates, betting that the most expensive service is the way to go? Follow these tips and take out the confusion from choosing your limo service.

Make sure the limo service is licensed.

You can look up the limo service’s license and registration through the DMV’s Licensed Transportation Providers. A licensed limo service guarantees that passengers are covered for liability insurance and that the service is a legitimate business.

Look for longevity in the business.

A limo service that has been around for decades in New Jersey ensures that it has been providing consistently topnotch services in the area. Longevity indicates reliability, innovation, and exceptional customer service.

Know what you have to pay for with the service.

Before you sign off on the limo service, you will want to know what you are getting for your money’s worth. Be clear about the service inclusions. Will the limo service provide snacks and drinks with the rental as you drive out to various tourist spots in the Garden State? Are you supposed to pay for vehicle cleaning? Will your bill include driver gratuity? Are you supposed to pay for gas?

Make sure that everything you need to pay for is itemized and that service inclusions are stipulated in your contract.

Be aware of how the limo service screens its drivers.

The ideal limo service not only follows the state mandates for screening drivers but it also does background checks for criminal records. A thorough limo service guarantees that you and your family will be safe with the driver as you explore NJ and/or NY.

Look for customer reviews.

Discover what previous customers have experienced with the limo service. Don’t just rely on the limo service’s website. Check out well-known consumer websites to truly determine the limo company’s suitability.

Go for a test drive.

Finally, ask to get a test drive of the limo you want. When you’re unfamiliar with Town Cars and limo SUVs and stretch limos, go for a quick test drive so you can figure out if the size, the features, and the ride will be agreeable. Whether you’re touring a winery in Princeton or heading to the airport, you’ll want your limo ride to be perfectly comfortable, safe, and enjoyable.



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