How To Avoid Problems With A Limo Service – Bergen, NJ

July 30, 2015

They are luxurious. They can be extravagant. And they are also very convenient. Limo services. But for all their advantages, limo services can become a great big headache to deal with, particularly when you have one arranged for an airport pick-up or drop-off and it goes terribly wrong.

If you are not careful about the limo service you hire, the entire experience of being driven in one may well be your most regrettable one yet. In order to avoid potential problems with the limousine service you hire, use the following tips:

Check the license of the limo company.

A legitimate limo service Bergen NJ clients should know, will have the appropriate license number, as issued by the State. This license allows the limo company to operate within the area, confirming that it is a legitimate business.

Know of existing complaints against the limo service.

The most troublesome limo services will have received a volume of complaints against it. These complaints may be formally filed with the Better Business Bureau or you may read several negative reviews on reputable consumer websites. Eliminate the limo service that has been getting the most complaints and the worst reviews.

Always do a limo inspection.

If you have the time, you should go and check out the limo service’s fleet. After all, nothing assures you of the quality and comfort of the ride better than an actual inspection of the limo. Some limo services even agree to take you on a test drive, just to see if the ride is to your liking.

Be clear about what comes with the quoted rate.

Most problems may stem from a lack of information on the costs that come with the service. You need to know what your money can get you. Does the limo service come with drinks? Will the rate include all applicable taxes? Will you be paying for toll fees and gas?

And be clear about driver gratuity, if it is calculated into the bill or if you pay it separately. But however it is paid, make sure your driver is really going to get his tip, especially when he’s done a really good job.

Be precise about pick up times and where to meet.

Confusion can arise in airport pick-ups. You’ll want to avoid a situation wherein your limo driver can’t find you or he arrives late to your meet-up location because he went to the wrong level or a different terminal.

This stressful experience can be easily avoided by being clear about pick-up times and meet-up locations. And always have your driver’s contact information handy so that you are not left standing around for an hour so at the airport.



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