Tips for Topnotch Limo Service – Expert Car Rental Advice

July 30, 2015

Renting a limo service in New Jersey has always been the preferred option for people looking for a safe, reliable and stylish ride. Executives on a corporate trip choose it not just for efficiency but also to effectively maintain a professional image. Tourists and families use the serviceto explore the city’s attractions in comfort and convenience. From prom nights to first dates to wedding days to special anniversaries or just for the fun of it, the right limo ride can make every event even more memorable.

To ensure you get the most out of your limo service, NJ car rental experts say planning your trip well can make a huge difference. Do the right preparations and clarify your expectations and requirements with the car rental company to design a trip that allows you to make efficient use of the time and service. Choose the limo rental company carefullyso you can ensure a stress-free, hassle-free and totally enjoyable experience.

Before you rent that limo, consider the following steps:

Determine the event and destination/s. The service and package you’ll get will depend on your activity for the day (or night). Limo service companies usually provide packages for popular themes such as corporate trips, weddings, airport transfers, proms, parties, city tours, and more.

Consider the passengers’ profile. How many persons will be on the trip and what are their relationships with one another? Will it be executives going to a client meeting? Will it be a huge family with small children? Will it be agroup prom date? Will it be an intimate ride for two or just a party of one? All these situations will demand different requirements in terms of vehicle style,seating capacity, seating arrangements and features (such as music/movie/entertainment options, drinksand chauffeur attire).

Provide the rental company a copy of your itinerary. Discussing your stops and schedule with the rental company is especially important if you will have multiple destinations during the trip.When you provide the details of your trip, your limo chauffeur will have an opportunity to plan ahead and consider the fast, safe and scenic routes to take to get you where you want to be.

Secure your reservation. Whether you want to be on the dot or (un)fashionably late to your event, it’s best to secure your reservation early so you’ll have the best selection of packages and vehicles to choose from. Experts say booking 12 months in advance at the very least is the way to go. Moreover, follow up your arrangements a week before the event, and also three hours before the scheduled pick-up time.



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