How to Get the Most Out of a Wedding Limo Service

April 25, 2016
Limousine for a wedding

Weddings are the perfect occasion to go for a really fancy ride. Some even bust a huge amount of money for those Cinderella-type horse-drawn coaches or carriages to fully achieve the fairytale appeal of the day. Others, meanwhile, are more practical yet still inclined to deck out; they rent a flashy stretch limousine driven by a uniformed chauffeur. Whichever of these two you go for, you will need to allocate a substantial part of your wedding budget for it.

Limousine rental New Jersey rental companies say, can be a particularly cost-effective part of your wedding day arrangements. You can be very creative with it and use it for things other than its original intended purpose of transporting you to your wedding venue. If you take time to come up with ideas, you can fully get your money’s worth with limousine rental.

To get you started, one of the really nice things that you can do when you use a limo rental for your wedding is to have a mini-party on wheels with your entourage before the wedding ceremony. Stock up the limo’s cooler with drinks and other treats that you all can feast on during the long route to the wedding venue. You may even play a movie to get everybody in the wedding party mood. Or you can crank up some tunes for celebratory jiggin’ because you’re getting married to the man of your dreams!

And since you’re already taking the long route, how about making stops at nice places along the way to take wedding day selfies with your entourage? Those selfies will be great to collect for your digital album.

Another thing you can do is to “share” the limo with your guests. Allow them to have their pictures taken with it. Let everybody be a VIP on your wedding day.

Lastly, come up with all sorts of wedding picture concepts to use. If you can’t think of any, Pinterest is a trove of ideas for wedding pictures that are taken in the limo or have the luxury vehicle in the background.

Actually, these aren’t all that you can do with your rented vehicle for your wedding day. So long as you do not do anything that can damage the vehicle, rental companies will be more than happy to accommodate your ideas. Go online and see what other people like to do with a limousine and use those as ideas for boosting the fun on your wedding day using the luxurious car.



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