How to Keep Kids Entertained on Long Limo Rides

August 3, 2015

You’ll be returning home from a trip abroad and the airport is at least two hours away from where you live. You have kids who usually get very cranky from the long plane ride and then the long car ride. They’re inclined to give you the attitude because they get so bored out of their heads, and you also have the strong tendency to give them the attitude because you’re just as tired as they are — or perhaps even more.

Resist the urge to pull your hair out and scream in panic because there are many ways for you to keep the little ones happy and entertained for the long-distance road trip. If you’re among the many who opt for a luxurious ride from the airport by renting a limousine New Jersey parents say, your problem is already half taken care of. Here are some ways you can prevent the young ones from getting bored during the long car ride home.

First of all, limousines typically have a built-in entertainment system. So when you make arrangements with the rental company, perhaps you can request for DVDs of children’s classic favorite movies. With that already set, visit some stores at the airport and purchase a few “munchables” so you can have a true-blue movie marathon for the trip.

Now, if the kids are tired of movies, parents suggest playing stimulating word games that will make the hours fly by. Word Morph is a good one; for this game, all you need to do is pick a three-letter word, and then all of you take turns changing one letter at a time to create a new word. For example, you start off with cat; it can them becomehat, then hag, then hog, then log. See how many words you can make in a row.

Another car ride game to try is Alliteration Sentences. One person says a word and then players take turns adding a word that starts with the same letter, in an effort to invent the craziest, most nonsensical sentence ever. Players have to remember and repeat the entire sentence before adding a new word to it.

And a last suggestion is to — you guessed it — sing! This is great especially if you have a musically inclined family. You’ve seen how it’s done in movies; sing everything from “Double Dutch Bus” to “Sweet Child of Mine” and try to harmonize even the most basic of nursery rhymes. Singing is fun and sometimes sleep-inducing – when the kids conk out, you, the poor parents, can finally get some shut-eye as well.

There’s no shortage of fun ideas for long car rides. Just write them down and be prepared to take them out the moment kids express boredom.



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