Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas for Bridesmaids

August 3, 2015

As the bridesmaid, one of your responsibilities is organizing the bachelorette party. Think of this party as your best gal’s last hurrah before she ties the knot – you have to make it memorable for her and the other people in attendance.

Organizing a party can be daunting, considering all the things that you need to prepare and account for. If you are tasked with organizing this type of party, here are some tips that will help makes things easier for you and ensure that everyone in attendance will have a blast.

Selecting an Activity

The important thing to consider when organizing this type of party is to consider the bride-to-be’s personality. After all, this party is all about her. Now, people have different personalities and tastes and you should carefully consider these. It wouldn’t hurt to ask the bride herself for the specific things she would like or at least the things that she wants to avoid. The last thing that you would want is to embarrass her with something that you might find amusing.

Set the Date

Another crucial factor to consider when organizing a party for a bride would be the date and time. Ideally, the date and time for the party should not be close to the actual wedding date. After a hard night’s partying, you would want to get ample rest and not look tired when pictures are taken.

Consider the schedule of the other people going to the party and choose a date and time that is amenable to everyone.

Consider Getting a Limo Service

Whether you are planning to have drinks at a few restaurants and bars or hop from one location to another, it would be beneficial for everyone to get a limo service.

This will eliminate the need to have a designated driver while ensuring that everyone going to the party reaches the party venue in a safe and timely manner.

Setting the Budget

Plan ahead of time and compute how much everyone will have to pay. Remember that you also have to pay for the bride’s share. The last thing that you would want is to ask her for her contribution on her big night.

Who’s on the Guest List?

Again, it would be prudent to ask the bride for the list of people she wants on the guest list. It’s her party, after all. Some brides, for example, do not want their future in-laws and their moms on the guest list.



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