5 Fun Ideas for a Limousine Party

August 3, 2015

If you’re looking for a fresh way of throwing a shindig – say, for your birthday – a new venue can definitely make a big difference. Is there a new party hall in town? Probably, but that’s not the kind of party place that will truly provide you something extraordinary.

How about having a party where you can go from one place to another? Sound like too much work? It’s not, actually, especially if you scale down your guest list to just the most significant people in your life – with fewer people to worry about, the fun you’ll have can be more focused and meaningful.

So what is this awesome party venue? A limousine New Jersey party organizers recommend a limousine rental for a party like you’ve never had before, and if you’re still wondering what kind of fun you can have by holding your celebration inside a luxurious car, they have five great ideas definitely worth trying out.

1. The Travel Documentary – Choose a final destination (perhaps a special restaurant on the other side of town) that will allow you a longer travel time, and document the entire ride. Take pictures using a Polaroid camera, plan your music playlist, stop at several places to pick up a free souvenir – maybe a flower or pamphlet handed out – and then compile them all in a scrapbook during the ride.

2. The Scavenger Hunt – This will require a great amount of planning and setting up prior to your party, but if you have family who can help, all the work will be a breeze to accomplish. Plan several stops for your limo ride and assign some things that your guests will have to look for at these stops. The group of two or three that finds all the items first gets a special prize.

3. The Wine and Cheese Party – This is a sophisticated theme for young adults. Basically, you just prepare different cheeses and wine, and learn how to pair them as you get to the final party location, which may be your home or a picnic place, where all of you can have a full meal.

4. Music Madness – You know how limos have sunroofs, right? Well, crank those tunes and spin the bottle to see who in your gang gets to sing a full chorus with their head poking out of the sunroof. It’s a tad daunting, and definitely somewhat embarrassing, but super fun and memorable.

5. The Alphabet Limo Ride – This is perfect for young children celebrating their birthday. Basically, you plan a route and all the kids play the simple ABC game wherein they have to find items at every important place (which you have already specified on a piece of paper) that start with the letters assigned to each place included in your route. For older people, take the difficulty level up by assigning unique words to find at different stops and then making them create a short story off of the words and the place where they were found. This is “nerd fun” for the leisure class.



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