Best Practices for Hiring Limo Chauffeurs in Bergen County

April 4, 2016
image of a limo


Most limo companies can provide the same level of superb customer service and range of top-notch vehicles. However, they can differ when it comes to their team of drivers. As such, the limo company’s chauffeurs can be one of their best selling points, which you can also factor in when making your decision to remain a loyal customer of a service provider (or not).

To feel fully safe and comfortable in a rented limo, you have to make sure that there is a qualified and trustworthy chauffeur behind the wheel.A limo company, therefore, should follow strict policies and guidelines regarding their chauffeur hiring process.

But what are some of the best practices that limo companies employ when they are hiring new chauffeurs? Here are examples:

They require a driver’s history report from their applicants.Limo companies need to have an authentic record of a potential chauffeur’s driving history. They need to know that the applicant has a valid driver’s license, has not committed various traffic law violations, has not been the cause of or involved in major traffic accidents, and has no DUI public records. Trusted providers of limo service Bergen County locals highly recommend say that all of these important details can easily be acquired from the DMV.

They do sufficient background checkson all their chauffeurs.Most limo rental service providers are inclined to hire drivers who have already worked as chauffeurs before. And to make sure that they will be reliable and trustworthy employees, limo companies have to carry out some background checks. They will get in touch with the applicant’s past employers, ask questions about their tenure in that company, and inquire if they would recommend this applicant. Carrying out background checks is an effective way of ensuring that they will hire chauffeurs who won’t waste their time or give their company a bad name.

They require their applicants to undergo a drug test. Finally, before hiring an applicant, limo companies require their applicants to undergo and pass a drug test. This is to ensure that all their customers are safe all the time when they are on the road. This is also another way for employers to get the assurance that theywill hire dependable and responsible chauffeurs.

As a customer, if you want to get details about a limo company’s chauffeur hiring process, don’t hesitate to ask them about this. You will feel safer and more comfortable, especially during long rides, if you are assured that your chauffeur underwent and passed a strict hiring procedure.



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