Some Valuable Tips for First-Time Limousine (NJ) Customers

August 3, 2015

There are various ways to dispel your fear and anxiety of traveling to a city that you have not visited or stayed in before. One of these strategies is to book a limousine service before boarding your flight to your place of destination. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about having problems with finding your hotel or going to and from the airport. And you get to travel around the city, whenever and wherever you want to go, in the lap of luxury, without being afraid of getting lost or paying exorbitant cab fares.

First-time travelers to the Garden State can take advantage of hiring a chauffeured Limousine (NJ) companies offer. Travelers who will also be availing of limo services in NJ for the first time can make the most out of their investment and experience by following certain helpful tips. Below are some of the useful tips that first-time customers of NJ limo services can keep in mind:

If you have any particular requests or requirements that you want to come with the limo, state them while you are making your reservation. Do you want a particular brand of liquor to drink or specific types of snacks or sweets to nibble on whenever you are in the limo? Make sure you specify these when you are booking your limo service.

Ask for the chauffeur’s business card. Always ask for the limo driver’s business card when you get into the car. The business card will provide you all the contact details of the chauffeur so that you can get in touch with him or her easily. It’s always best to ask for the chauffeur’s details at the beginning of the trip so that you won’t forget to do this.

Provide details of all your stops or destinations to the chauffeur well ahead of time. Once you meet your chauffeur, provide him or her all the addresses of the places you have to go to when you have a trip with multiple stops. This will give the limo driver sufficient time to identify the best routes to take to reach your desired locations.

If your itinerary calls for long trips, make sure you bring some items to entertain yourself. Bring some books or magazines to read. Make sure your mobile gadgets can provide you the entertainment you are looking for. You can also consider bringing DVDs of your favorite movies since you might not like the ones the chauffeur will offer you.

Finally, never smoke inside the limo. It is illegal to smoke in a moving limousine in New Jersey. In addition, limo services typically forbid this practice to protect the vehicles. If you really need to smoke, tell the chauffeur and he or she will pull over at a safe area so that you can have a puff or two outside.



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