Ultimate Guide to Romantic Limo Rides

July 30, 2015

So how romantic are you? Are you a genius at surprising a loved one with dreamy gifts and elaborate set-ups? Are you sentimental about dates? Do you make a complete fool — an adorable fool — of yourself just to express your undying devotion to your spouse?

Newlyweds, married for a long time, dating couple, “complicated” — whatever your relationship status may be, know that romance should always have a place in your lives. Romance keeps things interesting and fun and fresh, all of which spell longevity for any couple. One great way of adding romance to the relationship is using a limo service.

A limo service NJ couples should know, isn’t all that expensive. You don’t have to live in Jersey’s wealthy towns like Alpine or Tavistock to rent a limo for date night or an anniversary. Just find the ideal limo service. Make sure it offers an excellent fleet of limos. Ask for a discount, if at all possible. And live a little with your beloved, using these romantic little touches.

Choose intimate limos.

First things first — get the right limo. Limousines come in different sizes: sedan, stretch, and super stretch. What you want to go with is the cozy luxury of a sedan limousine or the roomy interior of a stretch limo. You’ll want to be as close and intimate as possible with your loved one.

Look for features that offer seclusion and privacy.

The best limo service will have drivers who are discreet and absolutely professional. But it still pays to know that you and your loved one will have private moments as you’re being driven to your dreamy destination. You’ll want to look for tinted windows and a privacy divider.

Prepare all his or her favorite things waiting inside the limo.

When you roll up in the limo to pick up your loved one at work or at home, create the perfect scene when he or she enters the limo. Favorite music should be playing, favorite wine or spirit should be waiting, and the favorite food or snack should be out. Do whatever small touches you can add that will tell your partner you do think about them often and know their likes down pat, and you will forever be known as the rajah or regent of romance.

Rent a limo — just because …

You don’t need a special occasion to use a limo service. Be spontaneous and crafty. Surprise your loved one, any old day, by riding a limo to order take out; to pick them up from work; to drop them off to an important lunch; to see a movie; or to simply have an hour (or three) alone, riding through New Jersey’s idyllic locations.



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