5 Essential Questions to Answer When Picking NJ Limousines

July 30, 2015

Nothing says “luxury” quite like a limousine. From the elegant leather seats and state-of-the-art climate control to the high-quality entertainment system and security features, limousines create the best riding experience. These posh vehicles also provide an impeccable business image when you use one to get to an event or when picking up a client at the airport.

Of course, not all limousines are the same; some may be better suited for your needs while others may be too extravagant. So before you splurge, make sure you have picked the right limo and the right service. Here are five essential questions that will help you pick the perfect one from a fleet of NJ limousines.

1.What is your purpose for renting a NJ limo?

Limousines are not just used for taking you to weddings and for the airport pick-up and/or drop-off of VIPs. You can also use a limousine for a bachelor’s or bachelorette’s party. You can rent a limo to take your special someone out on the town. And, as stated earlier, you can especially use a limo for a variety of business functions.

By indicating the purpose or type of event, your limousine service could make adequate recommendations.

2.How many people will be riding in the limo with you?

Not all limousines can accommodate more than eight passengers. Limos will be subject to limits, and not following these passenger limits may be risky. Not only that, the law regulates seating capacity for limousines, and penalties for breaking this regulation will depend on each state. So make sure you know the number of passengers for your limo.

3.What driving service will you require?

For most clients, they may only need round-trip driving service. Maybe your requirements are limited to a one-way trip. But when you’re renting a limousine because you need to get to several meetings in the city, you may want to specify multi-location trips. This will help your limo service better inform the chauffeur about your destinations.

4.How many hours do you need to use the limousine?

For events like weddings and birthday parties, you may want to factor in delays. For example, if you need to be at the event for only an hour, you might want to add one hour more or a couple more hours to using the limo. This way, you don’t feel like you have to hurry through a celebration just because you have the limo for a limited time.

5.Do you have a preference for a limo?

Most people fantasize about riding in a classic stretch limousine while others might want to experience the opulence of an 18-passenger Cadillac Escalade. You may have a preference as well so be sure to look for your dream limo in the fleet of vehicles from your service.



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