Reasons to Hire a Stretch Limo Service for NJ Wine Tours

July 30, 2015

Why on earth would you need a stretch limo service? NJ car hire clients have different reasons why they choose to rent a fancy car and be driven around by a chauffeur, but for those who host wine tours or who have been on one of them, the reasons are clear and valid.

Hiring a stretch limo service NJ wine tour companies and participants will tell you, is the safe, convenient, practical, and stylish way to enjoy your visit to vineyards and wine cellars. For starters, you should really know better than to drink and drive. Even if you’re an old hand at dégustations and know enough to just swirl, sniff, and spit, you’ve probably observed human nature enough to know good sense isn’t going to stand in the way of fun. It wouldn’t be fair to bring a teetotaler along, trust her to limit herself to canapés and the view so she can be designated as the driver. Going on a wine tour, you have to pay somebody not to sample, so it might as well be a professional chauffeur.

Where’s the fun in going on a wine tour if you do it solo? Sure, couples can still have fun, but a group is even better. The more, the merrier, they say. Instead of going in separate vehicles, you can all go in one limo where you can interact better. You also won’t have to worry about anybody getting lost or having car trouble along the way.

Going as a group has another advantage: packages! If you have enough people, you can qualify for group rates, which typically amount to a lower cost per head. Packages also tend to include special extras that are not available to individuals or couples.

Going as a group in one limo has another perk in terms of affordability. You only need to pay for one vehicle, including the gas for it and the service of the driver. Those who are trying to economize may try carpooling, but it doesn’t address the issue of who will responsibly abstain and drive. It just isn’t fair to have somebody like that along on a wine tour.

Of course, you don’t have to go in a limo, but why not have the ultimate experience while you’re at it? Unless you number among the rich and famous, riding around in a stretch isn’t an everyday occurrence. Doing the wine tour in plenty of style and comfort will significantly enhance the event for you.

All these reasons can be taken out of the context of going on a wine tour and apply it to any kind of celebration. You need a reason to go and hire a stretch limo service? You’ll definitely find plenty of good ones.



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